Megan, Ted King, Ryan Petry, Neil Shirley,

Ted King, Craig Streit, Ryan Petry, Megan Hottman and Neil Shirley at the start line of the 2017 Chino Grinder.

 Here’s what participants had to say about the 2017 Chino Grinder:

Neil Shirley – “Such a great time with good people! I wasn’t sure what to expect going in, but it was evident immediately that the event was well organized and professionally run. The dirt was exceptional and the volunteers at the rest stops were so friendly and helpful. Can’t wait until next year!”

Ted King – I used to race for a living. Now I race for belt buckles, one of a kind art, bottles of wine and/or beer, and now super cool, stone coasters! Awesome Saturday at the Chino Grinder. Dirty and dusty and ridiculously windy 110 miles across the central Arizona desert. For most of the day I was cursing Chris Lyman for first telling me about this race — buuuuut I had a blast and would happily come back. (Also, smokin’ race Chris.)

Addison Zawada – 2017 Chino Grinder gravel race was a ripping success. 110 miles, nearly 10,000 ft of vertical assent, 6hrs and 50 minutes of saddle time, all on 1 gear. SS gravel racing may become my new obsession. This one hurt, a lot, but the best kind of hurt.

Ryan Petry – “This race will put hair on your chest. Don’t ride a road bike. Drink the neutral water bottles. A very well executed event.”

Thomas J Griesel – “Every year this event gets better and better and is drawing better sponsors and faster riders. As gravel grinders go, this is one of the tough ones. Just ask anyone who has done it. That said, there is a ride distance for everyone. Craig, Minnie and all the volunteers are totally awesome! Add this to your bucket list!!”

Joe Egosque – “2017 was my third attempt at this beast of a race. 2015 &16’s races led to a half completed effort
on my part. Whether it be your fitness, the weather and/or both the Chino Grinder will test you to your limits. Great
race AZ Gravel Rides, thanks for the pain!! :)”

Pete Leroux – “Excellent event! Super challenging course that only got outworked by the support along the way.
Thanks so much for the water fill-ups, the water poured over my head, the Cokes and of course, the BACON! See
y’all next year!

Tom Vassago – “Amazing Event! Course is super challenging and the support along the route is top notch!
Highly recommend this race to anyone of any skill level!”

Richard Farabee – “Amazing race!!! Demands preparation and respect. Already looking forward to next year.”

AJ Sura – Amazing event, excellent support… well done!

Laura Spencer – “Thanks for a great event with fantastic support!”

Kirk Klepfer – “Best supported race I’ve ever participated in. Unreal how fast Ted King can TT against 30mph+ cross/headwind!”