2017 Chino Grinder p/b Lauf Forks Results here.

2016 Chino Grinder Results:

 42 Mile Results

 All Riders Times to Elk Ridge*

*Due to the cancellation because of weather, these are the times of all individuals to Elk Ridge. The times for the 53 Mile course are official. Only two riders completed the 53 mile course. Jeri Ben-Horin won the Women’s Open 53 Mile and Mark Wille won the Men’s Open 53 Mile. One hundred fifty five riders started for the three groups (106 Mile, 53 Mile and Relay) headed to Elk Ridge, only 64 reached Elk Ridge before the 1:00PM cutoff. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us at Thanks to everyone who came out. It was totally awesome to see so many people tough-out the severe weather. Also amazing to experience the camaraderie of the gravel community banding together to help out their fellow cyclists.

2015 Chino Grinder Results
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