FOUR PERSON TEAM (Awards three deep, 108 mile course only)20140503_091933(0)

The Chino Grinder offers a free team competition to all 108 mile registered riders. Teams will be composed of four riders (you are still eligible to for an individual award in your age category).

2017 Results:

1st Place – Team Haüs
2nd Place – New Mexico Shit Dawgs
3rd place – Chino Dream Team



Team points will be calculated according to the following table:

If you are interested in this category please select a Team Captain. The Team Captain will email the team roster of registered 108 mile riders to

**limited to 10 teams.
**ties will be resolved using the faster finishing time for the 4th rider of each team.

Example: Team Gravel has four members, Male1, Male2, Male3, Female1.
M1 rides in a category that has 47 participants. M1 finishes 1st in his category. Team Gravel will receive 10 points.
M2 rides in a category that has 35 participants, and he finishes 2nd. Team Gravel will receive 8 points.
M3 rides in a category with 35 participants and finishes 3rd. Team Gravel will receive 7 points.
F1 rides in a category with 6 participants and finishes 1st. Team Gravel will receive 8 points.
Total points for Team Gravel: 10 + 8 + 7 + 8 = 33 point

Registered Teams:

Lewis Elliot (Lewis Elliot Racing)
Sally Aston (The Velo Bike Shop)
Henry Svenblad (Mark Taylor Racing)
Craig Streit (MonsterMediaRacing)


G2 Bike – Get It Done Crew
AJ (Andrea Sura)
Laura Morris
Wayne brander
Robin Kinney

G2 Bike – Black Ops
Jeff Schwartzman
Ross Gagnon
Craig Rubenstein
EJ Wright

G2 Bike – Gravel Crew
Sue Donahugh
Mark Weston
David Paul
Mike Morris

G2 Bike – G2 Grinder Crew
Angel Padilla
Heather Hawke
Collin Stokes
Steve Ellison

AZ Gravel Riders
Joshua Lawton (Lauf Forks)
Sandi Scrimgeour (High Gear)
Albert Wimmer (Vassago/Hammer Nutrition/Lauf)
Harry Johnson (McDowell Mountain Cycles)

Jody Marie Bartz (Absolute Bikes)
Erin Morley (The Velo)
Dan McGehee (Paragon Cycling)
Kirk Klepfer (Redshift Sports)

New Mexico Shit Dawgs
Mindy Caruso (Michael Thomas Coffee)
Lauren Thompson, (High Desert Bikes)
Dean Buzbee (Mimmo Espresso)
Chris Abbott, AKA “Thor” (Mimmo Espresso)

Team Haüs
Ted King
Thomas Keating
Laura Spencer
Steve Stewart